2012. október 6., szombat

Tee Store

I've never really cared about clothing so far but now I've found a really great tee collection where you can buy t-shirts online! There are funny tees, movies tees, cartoons, superheroes, sports, music, etc. You can buy hoodies and tees for kids as well! You should definitely check it out, I've already placed my orders :)

2012. augusztus 4., szombat

Public transport rules

If you have ever used public transportation, you know that it cen be quite annoying, especially because of the weird people. There's a humorous post on Ezine Articles about this:
Public transport rules

Funny animals

I've found a cool post on Squidoo (or 'lens' how they call it) about funny animals. There are pictures, videos, caption contest and some history as well. Quite funny. Check it out:
Funny animals

2011. augusztus 22., hétfő

Free Online Ringtone Maker

Upload an audio file from your computer or from a URL and you can turn it into a ringtone. Mp3, midi, m4a, aac, wav and mp4 formats are supported. Visit the free online ringtone maker here.

2011. augusztus 20., szombat


Ever wondered whether your email has been read or not when you didn't get a reply? Some mail clients provide a notification option for this, but usually the recipient gets a popup message which informs them about it. Spypig offers a solution. They have tiny images (even a transparent one) which you have to insert anywhere into your email, and they send a message to your address once the picture gets loaded ( = when the recipient opens the email). Cute.


It is really hard to create unique content for your website. Some webmasters don't even take the time to do this. They simply copy your articles and upload them as it would be their own work. Copyscape is an online tool that helps you find duplicate content of your pages. You simply enter the URL of your site and it does the search and lists the pages that possibly stole your content. The free version displays only one result and you can sign up to a paid membership to see all those filthy sites.

2011. augusztus 17., szerda

Print what you like

Print what you like is an ad removal tool for printing purposes. It's really annoying when you want to print a webpage but it is full of advertisements and huge images which you don't really need. So when the printed paper comes out you realize that 80% of the space on the paper was used up in vein and you wasted lots of ink when printing the ads as well. Printwhatyoulike solves this problem, you simply type in the url and then it clears the page from unnecessary objects.